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Taxi Geneva Blog

We will try to provide you with latest information about Geneva Taxi and Swiss Taxi in overall. You can expect to find a lot information about trends, news, events, taxi prices and changes in industry.

Blog consist about information of local importance, but also about international importance. Anything that affects taxi prices, fuel cost, airport transfers and taxi services.

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Taxi Geneva Blog - Latest

Taxi Geneva Blog - Uber Taxi Drivers

Uber Taxi drivers manifest in Brussels

Dozens of Uber drivers protested in the Belgian capital on Thursday after the Brussels Court of Appeal ruled that the ride-sharing app violated
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Taxi Genève Blog - Taxis Londres

Taxis London help alzheimer

The brain of black taxi drivers is different from that of others due to the large amount of navigation knowledge they have to store
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Taxi Genève Blog - Taxi cimetière mini jardins

Taxi cemetery to mini gardens

A mass cemetery for Bangkok's flamboyantly colored taxis left idle and decaying by coronavirus curbs comes to life with
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